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I am very excited to be able to offer the Flying Pigs Farm CSA.

Your purchase of a “share” entitles you to our thoughtfully raised pork at a significant discount. By pre-purchasing, you help me insure that the farm has the resources it needs to provide you and your family with the highest quality products, raised in the most innovative and environmentally sensitive manner possible.

  • Vegetarian share $100 gets you $110 in product.
  • Griller share $250 gets you $280 in product.
  • Family share $500 gets you $575 in product.
  • Whole Hog $1,000 gets you $1,200.

Your shares are flexible and allow full participation in all sales, special offers and nose-to-tail packages. In addition to selecting items of your choosing from our extensive list of products, recipes and tips will also be available periodically.

Order only items you want, and only when you want. Your share never expires!

CSA Purchases can be picked up at one of Farmers’ Market locations (Hot link to open pop up window listing dates, times and locations (locations open up map popup window))

When you purchase the share that is right for you will receive an email with a gift certificate with the value of your purchase and a pin number to allow you to use your CSA to make purchases.

Purchase CSA